Modular Synthetic Blockspace. Hedge, trade, and make money on gas fees.

For rollups, blockchains, exchanges, account abstraction, and degens alike!


Blockspace is the oil of modular blockchain ecosystems: rollups, wallets, validators, exchanges. They all use gas and want to pay less. Don't you?

We mirror the economic essense of blocks without getting into physical blockspace delivery complexities. That's why we call it Synthetic Blockspace. This approach allows us to create a gas derivatives market that both sophisticated providers and degens can interact with: buy, sell, build passive strategies, and hedge BaseFee.


BaseFee gas market is just the first step for Hedgehog. The protocol utilizes a generalized CDP model inspired by Liquity. This approach can further be applied to Bitcoin transaction fees, Eigenlayer re-staking rates, Data Availability costs of Celestia, Priority Fees, and other on-chain derivatives.


Depending on what your gas strategy is, there are different steps you can take in the protocol

I want to trade gas

You can simply buy or sell BaseFee on AMMs. Expect gas to go up? - Buy. Expect it to go down? - Sell.

I want to earn HOG

You can mint BaseFee, stake it in Stability Pool, earn passive rewards by LPing into BaseFee/wstETH, and more.

I want to hedge gas

If you want to run sophisticated strategies and hedging operations, chat to us directly! We will onboard you quickly.


Protocol fees & parameters

Hedgehog Protocol earns fees from different user actions, and all those fees end up in the treasury address. Fee sharing is decided by the DAO, so are all the protocol parameters.


Ensuring the highest level of security, the Hedgehog Protocol has been audited by top-tier security firms

Hedgehog Safety

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